2018 Jaguar J-Pace

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Looks like the all new F-Pace will be getting a big brother soon.
(As well as another smaller one)
This illustration from Car Magazine shows us what a larger, top of the line, Jaguar SUV could look like.
And of course, it looks just like a larger F-Pace.

I guess the SUV market is so conservative people don’t really want anything too modern.

I also wonder how this will play against Range Rover. Jaguar’s sister brand.
I guess it will be a case of the “Audi Q7/VW Touareg.”
And it seems nobody cares, since “the more SUVs the better” seems to be every car companies moto theses days.

Which is kind of sad….

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  1. The Audi Q7/VW Touareg isn't an accurate compare since one is 7-seater and the other 5. The Audi Q5 and Porsche Cayenne are the sisters to the Touareg. And the Q7 looks nothing like the Touareg, unlike this F-Pace/J-Pace duo.

  2. What goes around, comes around. People are flocking to SUV's Which have an overall shape and seating configuration a lot like all cars had–up until the 1957 Chryslers and 1959 GM cars.

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