Rimac Concept One video

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This is pretty crazy. I mean how fast that thing reaches 100KM/H.

We’ve all seen super fast electric cars before, but this is always a thrill.
Plus, that thing looks great!

Here are pictures of the Rimac Concept one from “Rimac Automobili”. (It’s actually been around for a few years)

It looks fantastic.Specs are also quite amazing:
-0 to 60 in 2.6Sec.
-310 miles range

Too bad the asking price is about $980 000. With a predicted production run of just 88 units.

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  1. It's an antiquated view of what a supercar should be: a tiny cabin in a huge car, with no space for luggage bigger than a toothbrush, and no visibility to the sides or to the rear.

  2. What's the craziness with the 0-60? One second difference is about a blink of the eye. Does it really matter if you reached 60 in 2,3,4,or however many blinks later? And the problem with those drooling about it is that at some point all electric cars will have similar accelerations. And then what? 0 to what?

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