2017 Mini Countryman

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Looking pretty good. But also, less and less like a Mini.
This new version of the Country man is quite a bit larger than the outgoing model. Almost 8 inches longer! And an inch wider.
Wheelbase is 3 inches longer. So it is probably a lot roomier, but no longer Mini. At all.
These side shoulder lines on the fenders look kind of weird on a Mini. At first.
Reminds me a bit of that new Audi Q2
Engines are the same as all other Mini models. 

 Here you can see the old VS.. the new. New is bigger and more aggressive.

But probably will turn out way more popular. Since, you know, more room.

 Interior is better than before. But again, less Mini like. Even in style.
Still, it has much more personality than any of the mostly boring competition.

That’s not all!
The all new Countryman is now available as a plug-in hybrid as well.
Great news! Since after tax incentives, these plug-in versions tend to be actually less expensive than the regular models!

This one uses the standard 3 cylinder engine with an electric motor.
So far, they have only mentioned an S model with AWD for the plug-in model.

So it could be quite pricey.
They claim a regular 220 plug will take about 3:15 Hors. Which is really fast.
EV range is about 25 miles.

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  1. wow, i think the newest Countryman looks amazing..just right. Even the hybrid looks very nice. Love the interior in the tan/black combo photo.

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