2018/19 Alfa Romeo mid size sedan

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These are still, unfortunately, just computer illustrations.
And that is really too bad.

I am sure an Italian luxury sedan looking like this could quickly find an audience.
Competing with the new Volvo S90, Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 series and next Audi A6.

Alfa is busy right now with finishing up testing on the Stelvio SUV.
But there are plans for a larger sedan like the one pictured above. And a larger SUV based on that longer platform.

So there is hope.

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  1. That is one beautiful car. Better looking than a Maserati. Not sure if Alfa has a chance here but this would enhance the brand, along with a roadster that is not a Mazda.

  2. I agree with the above commenter that a roadster would fill out the Alfa lineup nicely. Big Alfa sedans have historically been beautiful but not really competitive on reliability, resale value, or volume (not to mention that the large/midsize luxury sedan segment is shrinking), so I don't see the bean counters at FCA approving something like this.

    Shame though – it really is beautiful! Looks like a modern interpretation of the 164 sedan which was one of the last Alfas sold in the US…

  3. The only way I see this ever making it to the US is if Alfa Romeo replaces Chrysler as FCA's premium brand.. which is entirely possible considering there are only 2 Chrysler branded products left as of 2017, but with the Stelvio Alfa will now have three.

  4. The hoodline would never see the light of day due to Euro pedestrian safety regs. There's a reason all the brands have higher front ends these days…

  5. Cover the entire backend and it looks like most BMWs from the side (minus the crease line). Interesting tail lights, but otherwise pretty plain.

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