2017 Audi A5 Cabriolet

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 The expected convertible version of the new A5 is here.
And it is everything we knew it was going to be.
The new car is on top. While the second picture is the other one. Hrd to tell the “all new” design isn’t it.
This is really the pinnacle of lazy car design

Interior is exactly the same as the coupe.
Which is the same as the A4 sedan. Still not impressive. At all.

As I mentioned before, I drove the new A4 in Europe for a few days and was not impressed.
Especially by the lack of any luxury feeling of the new interior.

In the US, the current A5 convertible starts at about $49 000.
Only about $1000 less than the all new Mercedes C-Class Convertible.

The Mercedes has a real luxury car interior. While the Audi isn’t above the level of a modern VW.

No thanks…

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  1. Vince, I agree with you. Audi, BMW, Kia's new designs are just tweaks on the old one. Very lazy designs. Why drive a new car that looks like a 5 year old one?

  2. I like Audi interiors much better than MB's garish and feminine interiors. But Audi really dropped the ball by copying the exterior of the previous A5. And what is that junky fake plastichrome vent below the A-pillar? Plus, the side mirrors look terrible the way they are mounted to the door.

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