2017 Mazda CX-5

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What can I say. Another good looking Mazda.

The current CX-5 was always a little boring to me. Especially inside.
This one is quite an improvement. With a great interior.
(Still… I really miss the “Chinese only” CX-4. As it is truly one of Mazda’s best design.)

The new CX-5 seems to be using the same engines as before. And also the 6 speed auto.
So it might not be as modern as it looks. An also not as some of its competition.
Like the new CR-V for example.

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  1. The problem is not the design team it's the marketing team. How can anyone in their right mind not be selling the Cx-4 here. Its looks blow away just about any other suv-cuv on the market and certainly one in its price range. The Cx-5 may be a nice enough suv but it isn't much different than a bunch of other generic suvs out there.

  2. Sad for Alfa Romeo that the Stelvio is being introduced at the same time as this because this is way better looking and probably a lot cheaper and more reliable.

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