2018 Ford Ecosport

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 Ford doesn’t have all new models yet for 2018. But they will finally offer the small Ecosport SUV in the US (It has been on sale world wide since 2013)
They will also get a “heavily” revised Mustang. But nothing “all new”

The Ecosport is not a new design, but is is getting the usual mid-cycle refresh and that is what we are getting
It does get an all knew front end. But especially, a much nicer interior than before.

Engine choice in the US will be the tiny 1.0 Liter  Ecoboost (already offered in the US Fiesta)
It is a great little engine.
And a larger 2.0 Liter in an option which comes with AWD standard.
6 speed auto all around.

This is the current model offered in other countries. While the exterior is mostly the same, there is a huge improvement for 2018 inside. As you can see. 

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  1. Well the interior is a huge improvement. Now let's hope it feels less cheap in it's construction, and the whole thing drives better and feels less "3rd world" while doing so.

  2. I think the US version interior previews the upcoming Fiesta.
    We may see the similar cocpit design in new Fiesta. Maybe 🙂

  3. how do you open that dumb tailgate in a tight parking spot, what if the wind catches it…..good luck! junk is junk!!!

  4. it looks to be a nice sized competitor to the Honda HRV, mazda cx3s. But, personally i really like the most current Ford Escape in 2.0L TURBO form. It has gotten very many positive reviews.

  5. Looks like Ford learned the wrong lesson from GM's success with the Chevy Trax. I guess they think slapping a new grill on a 5 year old 3rd world design will be sales gold in the US. The Mazda CX-3 is looking better every day.

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