2018 Honda Odyssey

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 These pictures (Although quite amazing. Extraordinary. Unique. And quite a scoop) are not really new. As I posted them before.
They are of the all new Honda Odyssey minivan testing around Los Angeles.

(By the way, next year will be a huge one for Honda. With an all new CR-V already introduced to the press.
An all new Accord and this Odyssey.)

I just noticed the Odyssey pictures above look a lot like this recent patent design from Honda.
Showing a new design that manages to be boring and ugly at the same time. 
And here is the real  thing.
The new Honda Elysion for the Chinese market.
But this Elysion does look a lot like the Odyssey spy shots above. 
(I know the spy model is all covered up and who really knows what is under there.)
What do you think?
Are we getting a version of the Elysion as out next Odyssey?
Are vulgar Chinese designs being imposed upon the US market?
Has Honda lost their mind?
Who are you people?

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  1. I doubt that this garrishly godawful grill will make it to the US. All in all, I certainly don't think Chrysler Pacifica has anything to worry about.

  2. This will still be a huge hit for Honda as it is one of the top mini-vans in the segment if not the BEST for the past 15 years.

  3. The front quarter window of the covered-up prototype doesn't match the Elysion.. definitely a different windshield angle too. So it might end up being even more boring.

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