2018 Jeep Wrangler

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The top one is that all new model coming out… really soon.
( I posted a picture of the current Wrangler so we can see the differences)

Most people would say this is still a mule. Using the current body on top of the new farm and engine.
I actually don’t think so.
I think it will just look that close to the current one.
Which is a little bit sad.
Even Porsche has found a way to make the 911 very modern and yet retain its classic lines.
It obviously has all new bumpers. Fenders do look different. As the tail lights (a bit)

What do you think?
Is this still a mule or the new design?
Will the all new Wrangler be that much of a clone of the old one?

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  1. Kia did the same thing a few years ago, sliding an all-new platform underneath the existing Sorento bodywork.. guess they are really afraid to make even minor changes to a vehicle that sells very well for them.

  2. I'm pretty sure that this is just the Mopar rear bumper, such as what was standard on the Rubicon Hard Rock edition.

    The painted fenders seem identical to the current generation as well (also available on the Rubicon)

  3. I mean if we're going to do trim comparisons, that bumper is already offered as are the rims. Other than that boring.

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