Jaguar I-Pace Concept

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I think this is great.

I’ve always loved Jaguars. But I actually think the current ones are horrible.
(Except the really great looking F-Type)
All their current sedans have such a generic look. They are just too cold to be real Jags.

This seems so much better already. (There might be hope after all…)

They have already said the new F-Pace would be joined by both a larger, and a smaller SUV.
This gives us an idea of what the smaller one could look like.
Which is: “not really like an SUV”.
It is basically a luxury hatchback that will be categorized an SUV to appease the angry crowd.

Apparently, the range of this EV concept is about 220 miles.
Fine. But not great for a concept. Since cheaper cars like the new Bolt are already getting at least 238 miles on a charge.
By the time that Jag actually sees production, 220 miles will be very old news.

Let’s just hope that most of the concept design (inside and out) makes it into the production model.
And they can figure out how to get at least 300 EV miles out of it….

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  1. Love the style… concerned about the ghost of Lucas Electric, though….
    (My first thought at connecting Jaguar and Electric)

  2. Not sure how I feel about a cab-forward Jaguar hatchback on stilts.. seems way out of character with the rest of the lineup.. not to mention it looks kind of like the last-generation Volt from some angles (particularly the rear quarter view).

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