Lucid Motors Atieva sedan

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 These are the first pictures of the all new sedan, from an equally all new company.
(Although they have shown teasers/details before, this is the first time we see the whole car. Although it is still camouflaged.)

You can already tell this will be really nice and sporty looking.
Their aim is also to match the interior space of larger luxury cars like the S-Class and 7 series.
As you can see above, their sedan is much smaller.
They claim an EV range of well over 300 miles.
And power up to 900HP (!) Although the “base” model should be around 400HP.

I just hope this is a true Tesla competitor. And not some million dollar car no lone will buy or even care about.
I love the idea of all new small companies competing with the big established players.
And I hope this will be priced like a Tesla sedan.

The Lucid Motors company itself os one of these “Based in California with Chinese investors”
So it’s pretty much a Chinese company.
They are currently in the process of looking for a factory.
Their super optimistic goal is 20 000 cars in the first year, and about 130 000 a year after that.

(We’ve all heard crazy numbers like these before, from others…)

These are details published a while ago. All looking great.

The car is supposed to be shown this week at the L.A Auto show.
I will be there. Taking pictures and asking questions!

I do with them well. We can never have too many good looking cars around.

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