More pictures of the new Mazda CX-5

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Quite amazing, really, to see how the “compact SUV” segment has become.
In effect replacing the mid size sedan.
These are truly fancy interiors on most of them. At least most of the newer generation.
Like this one and the new CR-V.
The only old fashion detail is the tiny (ridiculous) sunroof option on the Mazda.
And the lack of an 8 speed auto maybe.

I will take real life pictures of this really soon. 

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  1. I question the HVAC controls being so low and behind the shifter when there is plenty of dead space on the dash right under the center vents.

  2. i really like the looks of the front end and the interior looks great. The power moonroof may be smallish, but i could live with it. I recently traded in my long term Honda Civic Si that had a small power moonroof. I got used to the size and loved opening it on any days/nights it did Not rain ( Vancouver….either its raining or its not…) I bought a used nissan suv with no power moonroof….and i really miss that option of opening it up for the fake convertible experience 🙂 or even closed with overhead light coming thru.

  3. I have to say that I much prefer the look of the current model to this one. Not to say that the new design is ugly or anything, but it's just not as pleasing to my eye. I've always really liked the CX-5 and I hope the new one continues to sell well.

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