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Basically what almost everyone else is doing right now: Turn anything with a hatch into an SUV.
Why not, . If that’s what the masses want.
If it helps selling real cars.

I test drove the Spark a while ago and really liked it.

But also missed the personality of the previous design. Maybe this helps making the current model a bit less generic.
It does look pretty cute. And much nicer and subtle than what Honda did when they turned the Fit into that new WR-V for south America last week.
At least they didn’t add a super giant chrome grille to the Spark.

The new Activ model starts at about $18 000 for the manual.
Sure, that seems expensive when compared to the base model which starts at about $13 000.
But the Activ model is based on the 2LT version. Which is $17 200.
So that “fake SUV” visual package is basically only about $800.

Which isn’t bad, really. For something a bit different.

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  1. Base price for the manual (not including destination, which why don't we ever include that int he real base price of cars), is supposed to be below $17k. Doesn't seem like a terrible deal – especially given the equipment (standard heated seats!)

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