2018 Mercedes E-Class coupe official pictures

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Looking great.
Even that little 3rd side window doesn’t bother me. (Since it makes the car much more comfortable for rear passengers by allowing the window to roll down without having a B pillar.)

The whole thing looks really good. Much nicer than the C-Class coupe.
But it will also probably be quite a bit more expensive.
Inside, it is mostly the same as the sedan. Except for the “sportier” looking vents.

This was already one of the best interiors around anyway.

This will make a great looking convertible in a few months!

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  1. I think replacing anything on a Benz would be costly no matter what.
    But… that whole screen is probably just one part.

  2. It's an elegant looking car but as the owner of a 2012 E class coupe, I will miss that strong character line from the front side to the back of the car. Having said that this car's interior is light years ahead of the previous model.

  3. So exactly HOW MUCH bigger is this than the C. Is it the same wheelbase, head room & leg room front & back as an E ? Because the E is the tiniest car I (like many Americans) can fit in at all — let alone COMFORTABLY. And isn't that a big part of why you pay more for a luxury car than, say a truck? COMFORT !???

  4. I miss those signature quad lights. It made the E-Class stand out from the C and S. At least they still exist as DRLs.

    – FusioptimaSX

  5. The C coupe looks like a mini S coupe.. this just looks like a refreshed previous-gen E coupe. But it makes sense to keep E the most conservative Benz I guess.

  6. very slick, nice balance of sport and elegance.
    but seems too familiar-looking. nothing to tickle the fancy or stir the soul.

    except those vents – those are dope.

  7. I haven't seen this in person yet (obviously) but I have a feeling that the proportions will suit this design better than the C-Class or the S-Class coupes. I think a lot of people will confuse this for the S.

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