More pictures of the all new Lucid Motors Air sedan

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This is actually pretty crazy.
Not sure if this is a concept, or if the production model will actually look like this.
But this is really futuristic in such a wonderful way.

The 21st century is finally here.

And the detailing looks quite amazing. It doesn’t have that “hand made/kit car” look and feel of the Karma.
And, this thing looks much more luxurious than the Model S. Which has a rather inexpensive looking and feeling interior…

I really hope this all works out. And that we will see these things on the streets in less that 2 years time…

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  1. I wish Lincoln and GM could pull this off. Why can't a 'next generation' Chrysler 300 looked like this, when we know it won't
    You really can't say Tesla has an expensive interior initial had wonderful reviews of the interior when it came out. The S is and was light years ahead of the mock Lotus electric model it had out over 10 years ago. Tesla does deserve credence here.

  2. Man the Chinese are going to crush the US auto industry if they do not start making a legit effort to go hybrid/electric.

  3. …or "What the 2nd generation Chrysler Sebring would have been, if Chrysler had the money (& patience) to start from scratch." (Instead of deriving the 200 & Dart from an existing FIAT platform.)

  4. Dear Vince,

    I agree with you 100%, I love the design and I love that interior, it is plenty futuristic. This is what a Lincoln should be, if they want to compete and want to be different. I hope this materializes and wish them all the luck. This looks so much better than the Tesla Model S, though it is a wonderful car in its own right, but still is pretty basic design wise. Cant wait for the Auto Industry to follow this path.

  5. The back of this thing is a ripoff of the Lincoln MKC and the roof profile looks like an old Infiniti FX35.

  6. All these concepts look attractive thanks to wheel size and designs and interiors that so far have never made it to production. Luxury brands across the board still use undersized wheels, disproportionate to the overall design. So keep the enthusiasm, and temper your expectations, The 17" wheels are still alive and well, and, yes, even Subaru…… one day will deliver on its concepts…

  7. The back end of this is pinched, like it's trying hard to keep from dumping a load. The whole concept really is not that attractive or special … just a bit different. The interior has little practical chance of being in a car planning to move any volume higher than abou 25 units/year.

    The anon who said "keep the enthusiasm – temper the expectations" hit the nail on the head. You all are gushing over this as if it were a production model. I have no doubt the prod model will not be close to this. It would to have 28" rims and custom tires to do so (not likely for some half-baked low volume car) and a ton of other one offs.

    This car as pictured won't see the light of day. You all need to grow up a bit.

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