2018 Audi A8. And the slow evolution of the Audi A8…

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 This is the all new Audi A8.
A totally invisible , yet very expensive, car.

This is the kind of car you see as “generic car” in various architecture renderings.

Sure, it’s not ugly. But really. For the price, wouldn’t you want something a little special?
I guess most people don’t….

Just as a reminder: we are in the year 2017!

These are the previous models of the A8.

I personally think it got worse and worse over the years.
I think the first one (bottom) was the best looking one.
Just like I think the first A4 was also the best looking A4.
( I guess the first A8 does look like a giant first generation A4, which is probably why I like it best…)

What do you think?

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  1. Going out on a limb here, but I think it is evolving quite nicely, especially when you compare it to the rest of it's exclusive class.

  2. A clean, simple, and attractive design. Not every premium sedan needs to look like a cartoonish Lexus eyesore begging for attention.

  3. I honestly prefer the Audi A8 to the 7 series, hands down, I know the Mercedes S class is supposedly amazing but the overdone tech and the "melting" design of MBs recently is a big turn off for me. I know Audi is playing it conservative but I'd take it any day over the vulgar Lexus designs too,

  4. That oldest one looks like an Audi 5000 / VW Passat from the 1980's Those were no where near the price of today's A8. They were more on a par with Buick–not Cadillac!

  5. I think the first Gen was the most distinctive but as the A6 and A4 improved its just become irrelevant.

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