2018 BYD Tang? Lexus SUV?

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I was told this is the next version of the Chinese BYD Tang plug-in SUV.
Yes, the one I posted about recently. The one Leonardo DiCaprio is advertising in China.

The current model is only about 2 years old. So that seems pretty quick for an all new one.
But it does look a lot like a Lexus. Or is it just another Chinese copy?

Lexus is coming out soon with a longer, 3 row version of the RX.
Would the longer RX be an all new model with its own design?
What is this?

Anyone here knows?

(Thats a lot of questions…)

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  1. Of course this is not a Lexus. Look at the badge on the grille…and even the grille itself (it does not fit their current design theme besides maybe the shape)

  2. Here's why I think it's a next-gen Toyota Rav-4. The grill styling is consistent with the current Highlander and the new Camry. Also, an actual redesign now makes sense as Toyota finally has a brand new platform for the first time in a couple decades and it's modular so it can underpin everything from a compact car to a larger mid-sized crossover.
    Does it look like a Lexus knock-off? Yes. But Toyota is known for ripping off it's own designs for it's high-volume vehicles.

  3. It's not a copy, my dad is Heinz Keck and he's chief chassis engineer at BYD. He works alongside Wolfgang Egger who made the "Dragon Face" design all by himself. I've talked to Wolfgang as well as Chairman Wang and there has been no "inspiration" or "copying" from Lexus. My dad even said that this was an independent and unique design from BYD, considering his German skepticism.

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