2018 Genesis G80 Sport

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I am not really interested in the sport version of that Genesis G80 sedan, to tell you the truth.

But actually fascinated by that horrible plastic cover for the front radar.
It’s that rectangular piece of plastic behind the grille.

The one that doesn’t match the rest of the grille.
The one that still has chrome on it instead of black.
The one that sticks out like a sore thumb.

I guess they thought they would save a few bucks by using the same parts for all models.
Except the “Sport” has a blacked out grille.

And this starts at over $55 000!


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  1. Vince, you may be wrong, but at least you are honest. By the way, did you mean hatchback or station wagon?

  2. JFC, you can be a moron sometimes LOL
    It's the radar. Have a look at other vehicles from Infiniti, Jaguar, Skoda, they all have the same thing although it's usually got a badge printed on it.

  3. Agreed, it looks dreadful. Take a look at other efforts from Infiniti Jaguar Skoda to see a similar effect but done better

  4. That radar shield is very different from the non sports. Do some research before making assumptions.

  5. This $55k Hyundai had better have $20k stuffed in the arm rest. Hyundai hasn't earned the reputation to sell cars for serious money yet. This thing proves that.

  6. ok, wake up, this pig is almost 80,000 in Canada. Will anyone spend real world money on this. NO! it's the next Phaeton. Buy a real brand!

  7. stop the pipe dream Hyundai can never be seen as a luxury brand, they and Kia are in the same boat as Lada etc….. no chance.

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