2018 Peugeot 508

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 The current 508 was one of the most boring design to come out of Europe when it came out.
And it almost looks weird and cheap in real life.
There is really nothing there compared with older Peugeot sedans from “the old days”, back when Pininfarina was designing them.
Some of their latest SUV designs have been getting weird. And very busy.

So there is an all new one coming out next year.
You really can’t tell much from these pictures.

Now that Peugeot owns Opel, I wonder if it will be related to the insignia. Which is one of its main competitor (That Peugeot/Opel deal makes zero sense to me…)

Here is the current model.
Which I think is one of the worst Peugeot design in decades.
Not only boring with zero personality, but also quite clumsy. 

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  1. For me the 508 looks way better than the 308.

    It is not a daring design but the hybrid wagon version is quite attractive.

  2. Would highly disagree. In person they look pretty decent, especially the wagon, which looks quite sleek and modern.

  3. I own one and believe that it is quite a striking design when you see it, and the detailing is superb. By far one of the best and most interesting cars I have ever owned.

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