Infiniti QX80 Concept

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Well, it looks like that Infiniti SUV concept is indeed a preview of the next QX80.
It looks like quite a beast.
Which, I guess is what people want in that segment?
(Except for the Range Rover, which, somehow still manages to be quite understated and classy)

I mean really, how big can you make that grille????
And the wheels look to be a combination of gold and black!!!

This is pretty gross….

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  1. It looks like the next go to vehicle for an up and coming Mad Max sequel! Wow, just to much the front grill! it equal to that found in Lexus LX570. Totally polarizing! Yuck! Hideous!

  2. New front end, new rear end and new interior….they're doing what all the other guys are doing but because they don't have the image that most the competitors have they get alot of smack talk, current GLE anyone.
    Alot of people are brand fiends but they fail to realise that there are people out there that actually like Infiniti's because of their features and design.

  3. More of the same–but nicely executed. If the price tag doesn't get you the price at the pump WILL !!! I think the long-wheelbase GMC Denali Yukon XL would be much cheaper to keep gas in!

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