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I love these early 90’s Nissans.

They made only a few thousands of these, and pretty much only for Japan. (Although a few, obviously, found homes overseas)
This Pao reminds me of older European small and simple cars like the Citroen 2CV or Renault 4.

They also made a cool super mini delivery van call the S-Cargo.

But my favorite is the Figaro. A folding soft top convertible that looks like a weird retro futuristic version of Columbo’s car. ( A Peugeot 403 Convertible)
You can see a Figaro, here and there once in a while.
And it’s always a treat.

But I had never seen the Pao in person. It is really cute, and full of personality.

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  1. I saw both Pao and Figaro in Japan in the Tokyo district of Aoyama, where are the biggest fashion house. In Japan are a sort of cult for creative people. Was a product of a 90's retro design period but I stil like it today

  2. Did d you know that one of the most if not, the most sought after franchise today for auto groups is Nissan.

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