2018 Cadillac XTS

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Cadillac had announced a while ago they would keep the XTS going, even after the CT6 came out.
Well, here it is.

For 2018, it gets a new front end, as well as new lights, truck and bumper in the back.

Not sure if there is a new interior .
But I hope not. As I think the XTS has a nicer interior than the CT6. I am not a big fan of Cadillac’s new interiors in the CT6 and XT5.
I think the previous ones in the CTS, ATS and XTS were much nicer.

I know I am in a minority, but I always liked the XTS. I think it looks much nicer than the CT6.

But these changes for 2018 ruin it a bit.
That front end is way too busy. And these new lights are actually pretty ugly.
And the real lights try to make it look more like the CT6, which is a big mistake.

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  1. Ugly, but still looks better than the CT6! Interesting that they chose a 2nd refresh. The 1st refresh was a new grill…so it's keeping the multiple refresh before a total redesign history heritage of the DeVille going strong. What's more interesting is the name. I guess since it can't be CT5 (I assume will be the next CTS) and CT6 is taken….while CT5.5 obviously won't work….XTS has broken the rename barrier like the Escalade.

  2. Cadillac seems to be losing it's sense of direction. Chevrolet Impala is a better looking car than this. Most of the Cadillacs you see in New York have TLC license plates which tells me that old people aren't even buying them anymore.

  3. Cadillac probably needs to clearly define what the purpose is for the XTS and the CT6. They are roughly the same size, the same stance and now they look nearly identical. Yeah yeah, I know that the CT6 is a superior platform and the XTS is mostly for fleet. But is that it? Cadillac should get rid of the XTS and put all of those resources toward making the CT6 better.

  4. How about making better looking cars that last 100k miles? It's reliability is atrocious. Can't Buick teach them a thing or two?

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