2018 VW Atlas depressing commercial.

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Not sure what is going on at VW US. But someone seems to thing a sad, depressing commercial about someone who just died is the way to go to advertise their new SUV.

One of the best asset of that car (It’s not the design or the interior) is the amazing 6 year warranty. And that is mentioned for about 2 seconds at the end.

“Good price? No.   Roomy? no.
Let’s do something about a dead Grandpa’s last wish”.

Good luck….

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  1. It's better than the other commerical showing a couple constantly humping in the VW's. VW marketing are just weird.

  2. They already succeeded since you just reposted their ad at no further cost! Welcome to tomorrow. Not to mention that ad is all about emotion, thus marketing toward women who account for a substantial portion of SUV buyers. I'm not saying it's right, but it's what works.

  3. Job of a this Atlas commercial is to create interest and get potential buyers into the dealership. The sales person is task with selling the vehicle and closing the deal! Commercials cannot sell the car unless it is 20 minutes or longer in length.

  4. I understand the emotion angle..
    But why not nice/fun emotions. Like memories of fun vacations when the kids were growing up etc…

    These are very sad and painful emotions people try to forget, or get over.
    Using "dead grandpa" to sell a car is really, really a weird way to go….

  5. The message is "drive around sad and crying in a VW."

    That's to prepare yu for life sitting in their crappy service departments waiting for their garbage to be fixed for the 20th time.

  6. Touching commercial by itself, without the advertised vehicle. That said, it has no business anywhere near a car advertisement. The commercials that followed and played after this one were spot on.

  7. most of their customers are already sad from VW lying to them about the eco unfriendly diesel pigs they were tricked into driving. Tree huggers LOL!

  8. Big Fail, the only message I get is "Get depressed in a Volkswagen Atlas", or "If you want a depressing car, here ya' go"… No thanks, I might as well go buy a hearse.

  9. They made sure to end it with "America's best bumper-to-bumper Warranty!"

    As put off by VW as I am, it simply can't be beat.

  10. I think that the commercial impacted me most when I saw it for the first time. Advertisers, however, must now saturate the market with this commercial being played ad nauseam. I don't mind the commercial as much as now being subject to seeing the same ad during every commercial break for the next few days. It tends to lose its magic at some point and becomes part of the daily background noise.

  11. It is bad for them to died to go advertise their new SUV, It is the best car of Volkswagen but also need to maintain it. To get the trusted Volkswagen Service at best price, visit on eurobahnm.

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