Honda Fit “facelift”

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Just when you thought the poor Honda Fit couldn’t get uglier…

That new front end actually makes the current car look better. Something I thought was not possible.
I guess that’s pretty amazing, in a weird/sick way.

I mean, how many holes, fake vents, black plastic BS trim can you fit into the bumper of a small car?

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  1. Vince, I don't think is that bad.
    My main beef with Honda is their refusal to use Blind Spot Monitors and their line up.
    You can spend over $30K plus in a top of the line Accord, but still no BSM.

    I love the room in the Fit, and I think is fun to drive.
    Honda Civics are nice too but again, no BSM.
    Even Consumer Reports bashed Honda for not using BSM in the Civics.

  2. Although I dislike Honda front end treatments, including this one, I really don't think the Fit is that ugly.

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