2018 BMW 6 series GT

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 BMW loves to confuse people with the naming of its new models.
This one is no exception…

What we used to call the “5 series GT” is now the “6 series GT”. But it is still a 5 series hatchback.
Just what the 4 series hatch is to the 3 series sedan.
Pretty much a weird scam that allows them to charge more, since, you know, a “6” should cost more than a “5”… (Plus, the old 6 series coupe will now become the 8 series. )

It is better looking than the “old” 5 GT. Not has heavy. Proportions seem a bit better.

But really, not by that much.

This is the current 5 series GT.

I guess I got used to it. A bit.
The new one seems a bit better, for sure. But still not great. Not nearly as goos as the Audi A7.
But especially…

Not as good as this gorgeous Rover sedan from the 70’s!

This is amazing how good this car still looks.
Still showing the way on how to design a large luxury hatchback car.

BMW should be ashamed…

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  1. What you really need to do is to post a photo of an old Hyundai Elantra GT. Looks just like these hideous BMWs

  2. No matter what BMW calls it, it is still an ungainly beast. Audi does a much better job designing the A5 and A7 Sportbacks. BMW should take notes.

  3. So now that the even series get the GT moniker…..just when BMW had their garbage under control. So since the 3 Series GT is dead, does the 4 series become GT or will it stay GC? What about the 6 series with is essentially reduced to Convertible, Sedan (GC?), and now hunchback. I'm still trying to figure out why this exists when the X6 exists. Then again, the X2 isn't as sport coupy when compared to the X1. BMW is just throwing $60,000+ crap to the wall and hoping it sticks. They must be making plenty of money to experiment like this. GM became brave with the Regal (which was the right thing to do) and is more calculated in its actions.

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