2018 Dodge Challenger SRT “Hellcat Widebody”: The slow death of Dodge…

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This is pretty much the big news for Dodge in 2018.
A “wide body” version of the Hellcat Challenger.
That and new trims for the Charger. And the availability of the SRT look on the Durango R/T.


This is it for Dodge. Shuffling trims and colors around.
The Durango came out in 2010.
The Charger came out in 2011
The Challenger came out in 2008!
The Dodge Journey came out in 2008. (Yes, it is still around)

It is quite amazing, and sad, to see that nothing has been done to this brand since Fiat acquired it.
Except the Dart, which  Sergio Marchionne killed very quickly.

They keep teasing us with weird leaks from “dealers meetings” about a new “Cuda”, or “Barracuda” model coming up soon.
Coupe and convertible none the less.

I think this might just be BS to keep the dealers in line.

This slow death of Chrysler and Dodge in the hands of the “Voldemort of the car business'” is really sad….

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  1. What I wonder is, doesn't FCA have stockholders? Don't they see how Marchionne is clearly running it into the ground? How can they stand on the sidelines and watch this disaster without demanding his resignation?

  2. Very sad. With the huge crossover market the Journey is invisible. The Dart could have been a contender if they had brought in a hatchback to compete in the category and done a little tweaking. They don't need a Cuda because it will compete with the Challenger. Marchionne is doing to Dodge what he did to Lancia. Truly pathetic.

  3. I for one, like Dodge dressing up their models to make them look fresh and even more appealing without any major $$$$$ spent on their part. It is going sell like crazy too! Very smart move but Fiat Chrysler management.

  4. Yeah, there's literally nothing coming for Dodge, or Chrysler for that matter. Or Fiat. So a couple new Jeeps, and a couple new Alfa Romeos, and a new Ram pickup. That's all FCA has coming in the next 3-4 years. What is going on over there???

    If there was anything coming in the next couple years, we'd see spy photos of prototypes by now.

  5. No. This will NOT "sell like crazy". Since the Hellcat is not selling more than 12000 units a year in the first place.
    This probably expensive option for a slow selling car is one of the worst idea ever.
    From a company ran by clowns.

  6. Ok.

    FCA is starting to feel a lot like Daimler-Chrysler Part Deux.

    And that is not something to be excited about…

  7. Dodge fans are not just "very happy" but downright PROUD that the Charger SRT is the "FASTEST PRODUCTION 4-DDOR SEDAN PERIOD" and that the Challenger DEMON is the "FASTEST PRODUCTION CAR IN AMERICA. ( 0-60 MPH in (2) TWO seconds — give or take fraction of a second. )

    PERIOD." Yea, Dodge is dead — just like Ferrari, Porsche & Mercedes…which these days are sharing dealer lots with Dodge more than they ever will with Toyota/Lexus, Cadillac or any other "generic" in the $50k- $90k price range……… WAKEUP!!!……….before a Dodge runs you over! ( by "dead" did you mean "record-breaking" ??? )

  8. I hope that they're just buying time while they work to get the next gen large cars *right*.

    A 500# lighter AWD Charger with that 300 hp turbo 4 would be a fine replacement for my '14.

    A Challenger with the upcoming twin turbo 3.6 at 450/450 would be great.

    Can the public hold out long enough? I wonder. Dodge doesn't market the AWD cars like they should; they are terrific winter vehicles.

    Very strange.

  9. They have not had a platform to replace any of the cars, though that may change with Giorgio. The Giulia isn't selling and they will need to recoup that investment somehow. A cheapened Giorgio could move a lot of units if they made the Chalenger, Charger, and some sporty crossovers off it.

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