2018 Hyundai Kona official pictures

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Now we’ve all seen it.
But these are much better pictures.
I know, it’s got a lot of weird plastic bits and stuff. But I still think the overall look is pretty cute and fun.
This will destroy the poor Ford Ecosport. With its old design and cheap interior.
( I saw the Ecosport in November and it is still not out yet!)
Engines available are a 2.0 Liter with 149HP and a six speed auto. Or a 1.6 Liter Turbo with 177HP and 7 speed auto.
There is also a small 3 cylinder Turbo available in Europe with 120HP.
More pictures very soon. Also interior pix. the one I posted earlier didn’t look very promising…

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  1. Thanks to Juke and Cherokee it doesn't look AS off putting as it could have been. They were smart to let them experiment first. It's still not myu cup of tea, although it won't make my eyes bleed.

  2. You are right about the EcoSport. Peddling a 5 year old 3rd world vehicle with just a new grill and dashboard. No wonder Fields got fired.

  3. I think it looks great. I'm usually not a fan of split level exterior lighting and floating roofs, but Hyundai seems to have successfully pulled off both design elements. I think Hyundai did a good job of executing this edgy design.

    I think the interior design is fine too. I think it looks sophisticated and I applaud Hyundai's decision to avoid making it look cartoonish.

  4. The roof color can be customized from what I have read so far. The roof can be body colored, contrasting white (which would probably be my preference), or contrasting black (like in the pictures). The floating roof look would still be present regardless of color choice for the roof. That's kind of cool for a Hyundai.

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