2018 Jaguar Sportbreak

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 That, is a great looking wagon.
Not that much better than the previous generation, but we never got that one.
So at least, it’ll feel all new for us in the US.

 The trunk is what you’d expect. Huge and really well finished.

It has a really cool “mother of all glass roof”. That can be covered with just the wave of a hand.


It still suffers from that terrible Jaguar XF interior.
And that is really, really too bad.

After sitting inside an XF, I came to realize this is the worst interior of any mid sized luxury car around.
It doesn’t feel luxurious at all. Anywhere.
It is plain, Borderline ugly. And looks cheap in so many places.
It is cold and uninviting. Exactly what a jaguar should NOT be…

This is just too bad. The exterior design is so nice.

I guess, for now, the Volvo V90 is still the king of wagons.
At least to me.
Looking great on the outside, and with a fantastic interior. 

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  1. The V90X is around $68K. I'm going to guess this is around $48K-$55K, same pricing as the Audi and BMW. The V90 is a bigger wagon. When shopping in early 2016 for myself, the choices were Audi, Volvo V60 and BMW 3. In this group, the BMW stood out with more features and slightly more space and better driving dynamics. I welcome Jag bringing in a wagon as it is looking like BMW won't bring in the next generation wagon to the US. The wagon I am really looking forward to check out is the new Buick Regal when it gets here.

  2. This starts at $70,000….granted it's the 3.0L Supercharged V6 with AWD….that that's still obnoxious, considering the sedan starts at $47,000.

    If I wanted to piss away money like that, I'd just get an Escalade. If I wanted a wagon that badly, I'd settle for the Regal TourX.

  3. I know, that price is crazy.
    it is based on the 3.0 Liter version with AWD. Which is about $55 000 for the sedan.
    A $15 000 premium is insane..

    The super good looking (And very well reviewed) Volvo V90 starts at $50 000!
    Top of the line T6 AWD inscription starts at $58 000. Not $70 000!

  4. I forgot to answer Mr (or Mrs) anonymous. No, I do not drive a wagon.
    If I had the need for one, I really think I would get the Volvo V90. (if I could afford one that is…)

    The upcoming Regal wagon also looks very interesting. I drove the previous Regal and loved it.
    I think Opel makes great cars in general. (Except that poor cheap Corsa)

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