2018 Kia Stonic

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 And now for something smaller than the Sportage. But not as square as the Soul…

Looks like the new Sonic might be the Hyundai Kona’s close cousin.
Which is fine. I guess this time Kia might be getting the more conservative version of the two.

Of course, these are crazy exaggerated sketches.

Here is what the actual thing looks like. Under a lot of camouflage.

I am sure it’ll end up looking very nice. Just not as extroverted as the “official sketches” above.

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  1. Also. it looks like the old KIA Rondo.
    I think that the Rondo was a decent size vehicle, but I couldn't understand why they didn't updated the model.

  2. The current Rondo is quite handsome and probably would have done well in the US with a different name. That camouflaged thing, however, could easily pass for a previous-generation Mazda2. I wonder if this will just end up being an "Outback-ized" Kia Rio like that new little Honda CUV that is just a jacked-up Fit?

  3. They did update the Rondo, it's just not sold in the US. It's popular in Canada (we like small cars).

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