2018 VW Jetta ?

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Sadly, I think this is it.
Just like recent spy shots of other VW models (Polo and Touareg), they appear to be the final car, but they still do have some camouflage.
Especially around the grille, headlights. And the rear lights. To make them look more like the current model.
So there is still a bit of hope for something a bit more different.

Otherwise, this looks like yet another super conservative design from VW. No matter how the lights and grille end up looking like.
And I am not sure this is what VW needs in the US right now.
The new Civic is a huge success for Honda. (about 367 000 sold last year, actually beating the CR-V!) Because they completely broke with the previous super boring design.

Not sure how long the Jetta can survive by looking basically the same for so long….

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  1. Keep the price low and they won't have an issue. Jetta will never sell based on looks. It will only sell if it is cheaper than anything else.

  2. It'll sell because it'll have a competent, refined chassis and a package designed for humans and their ease of ingress/ egress.

  3. Correct. the current model is still a very nice and refined driving car.
    And the roomiest in its class. Still, I think a really nice design would not hurt…

  4. this is a nightmare the dodge neon from years ago was a much better t car than any vw can be

  5. I agree this will be surely well engineered interior wise etc., but the looks, that is just dull, ungainly and old at the same time. Why not be more daring? A small Arteon?

  6. Weird that as most new VWs are gaining more angular styling and sharper end-to-end bodyside creases, this turns up with relatively smooth, curvy bodyside lines and an oddly rising double-line (one running from the front corner lights to the greenhouse and a second parallel one running from the front wheel arch to the taillights) reminiscent of the 2009 Corolla. Already out of step with the newest VW models and it isn't even out yet.

  7. That looks more like a next-gen Lavida, a FAW exclusive. I mean, size wise, it's very similar to a Jetta (I think). We shall find out soon. The Jetta will likely debut at the LA Auto show in December.

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