2018/19 Toyota RAV-4 ?

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Not really sure.
But I was sent these as the “next RAV-4”.
Even if they are not, I bet the next model will end up looking a lot like this.
Since most compact SUVs look very similar these days…

A couple of year ago, Toyota Exces were claiming the next Rev-4 would be even more popular than the Camry.
Which would be quite an achievement. But, possible.

The Camry still sells in huge numbers. 388 618 last year, and 429 355 in 2015.
With an all new one around the corner, things will even get better t=for the Toyota sedan.

While the RAV-4 sold 352 154 units last year. Its best year ever.  (Up from 315 412 in 2015)
So it would still be quite a jump for the RAV-4 to sell better than the Camry.
But in a couple of years who knows. It IS possible…

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  1. If you've seen one cuv — you've seen them all. B O R I N G . Why make the Rav4 ? …because the Camry is just too darn exciting for some folks. ( Mostly folks in their 90's )

  2. I am not sure what to say about this "excitement" crap in driving cars. The vast majority of buyers all they need is transportation from A to B. Now, there are those that need to stimulate their brain by driving at 100 miles an hour,turning corners like driving a go-cart, while making everyone around them miserable. This is not what the RAV4 is about.

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