2019 Fisker Emotion

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 This is the production version go the prototype we saw last year.
Not as crazy and weird. Which is a good thing.
Actually, it now resembles more a smaller Karma. Why not…

It is supposed to have an EV range of over 400 miles. And a base price of $130 000 when it comes out in 2019.
So it will sit right above the most expensive Tesla Model S. While closer in size to a Model 3.

If you’re interested, pre-orders start on June 30th.
Although the car won’t by unveiled officially until August. (go figure…)

But you don’t have to wait. Just thank your best friend Vince Burlapp for the preview.

If you think the Emotion looks a little weird, just stare at the concept above for a minute.
Which was truly strange looking.
With ungainly proportions.

In this case, the production model looks much better…

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  1. Not sure what the general consensus is out there of public trust with Fisker products. He had let one company bomb, so what's the guarantee that this will do better? And for crying out loud, the Karma in my view, is a much nicer design, the man designed Aston Martins and is only able to design a Tesla clone….

  2. I thought he ran through all the tax money Obama gave him. How is he funding this? — or is this just a daydream???

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