All new 2018/19 Volvo V60

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The next V60 looks a lot like a smaller V90. Which is great!

That great design is a smaller, less expensive package can only be good news.

It looks like the particular prototype was caught testing that stupid self driving tech everyone is trying so hard to rush to the market.
(Which I just hate..)

At least, this crap won’t be standard for years, and we won’t have to use it  if we don’t want to.
For a while…

So far, this is looking good!

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  1. Great Vince. I also I'm free to say that I hate the self driving cars. I love drive. Is my fun, my espression. The car is my partner, not my stupid servant. I would drive every and ever

  2. Self driving tech is fine if people look at it as a form of cruise control and not some magic taxi. Just like cruise control, you can let it do some of the work for you as long as you're still attentive and ready to intervene to avoid an accident, but if you think it's ok to watch a Harry Potter movie you're probably high on Darwin's list anyway.

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