All new Hyundai Kona quick drive

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Follow the link HERE to read about this early drive of the new Hyundai Kona from the guys at Motor1.

Looks like they really like it already.

I think the Kona will be quite a hit for Hyundai.

I also can’t wait for the Kia version, the Stonic. With a totally different design and interior.
These two should prove quite popular.

And, on the picture above, I noticed for the first time a sunroof. Hard to tell how large.
It doesn’t look like the oversized ones VW and others do offer.

Still, it’s something….

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  1. Ok.

    Not to be a negative Nancy, but I wish the front end design were a little less fussy. And the black cladding looks cheap to me. Other than that, I find it quite charming-looking.

  2. I agree. There is a general obsession with huge grilles these days. Even on really small cars like this.

  3. When will this hit US dealers?

    Btw, larger grilles means less metal, which means cost cutting, right?

  4. Overall, it appears as though Hyundai put a high degree of effort into this little crossover to get it right. Hyundai paid attention to all the details in order to have a successful entry in this very important segment. I think it has a huge potential hit on its hands with this good looking, well constructed, and tech filled product. From what I've read about it so far, Hyundai has struck the perfect balance between the edgy styling, ride/build quality, utility, and segment appropriate features. It may be a late comer to the segment, but it did its homework in order to offer the most well rounded entry in the segment. There are some other solid and appealing entries in this segment, but I think Hyundai's entry (and its upcoming Kia platform mate) will trump them all. I think this vehicle will easily become Hyundai's top selling product.

    All that being said, I do have one major criticism for both brands' (Hyundai & Kia) products: the names of both products are more than a little lame. If the articles that I have read didn't explain either name, I wouldn't have understood the origin or reason behind either name. I don't think either name makes a very strong statement about the accompanying product. Given some of the awkward connotations of the "Kona" name in some areas of the world, Hyundai may want to rethink the name. The explanation behind the "Stonic" moniker for the Kia vehicle seems forced and very weak. Not exactly the best choices for fresh new entries to a very important market segment.

  5. So far, the only official word is:

    " The Hyundai Kona will go on sale in Korea in June 2017, followed by North America and Europe."

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