Buick brings back “eAssist” from the dead.

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Yes, there was already an eAssist system on the previous generation.
It was pared with a 2.4 Liter engine and was officially rated at 25/36MPG.
I even drove one (HERE)

Now, Buick just announced a “new” eAssist model is standard for the 2018 Lacrosse.
And the V6 is now an option.

In a world of efficient engines and plug-in hybrids, that eAssist seems really outdated.
I mean, it was already was outdated back in 2012!

It is now paired with a 2.5 Liter engine. And no words yet on gas mileage.
The 2017 V6 model was rated at 21/31MPG  . Although things should be even better for 2018 since the V6 now comes with a new 9 speed auto.
I guess, at least now the eAssist is the cheapest option. If they push it to almost 40MPG HWY that could be an advantage….

The eAssist model is also cheaper ($30 500) than last year’s V6 ($32 000).

On a sad note, the Lacrosse is also offered as a hybrid in China. But it is a much better and modern  system based on the Malibu Hybrid powertrain.

I guess the US market is now really an after thought…

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  1. Engine size has no bearing on its success. Style has no bearing. Color will not have impact. Interior design is of no concern. Sedans are dead for every company. They are a thing of the past. End of story!

  2. sedan gone, done out!!!
    Car manufacturers are going to have to adjust sales target figures down, pay attention, I'm right!

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