Mystery VW SUV ???

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 Sure, at first, this looks a lot like a Nissan SUV.
Which is pretty clever…
But there is a lot of camouflage all over. Look at the rear lights. The glass on the hatch.

 And that really horrible panel on the rear side window! This is all fake.

What is it hiding?

The wheel arches are very similar to the ones on the new VW Atlas.
But that’s about it.
Sure, it could be some Chinese copy, but they don’t usually camouflage their stuff as Nissans…

Here is the Atlas.
Arches around the wheels are very similar. The rest isn’t.
The door handles are above the side line. Etc…

Still, that prototype does feel like a VW.
But with a new Tiguan, Atlas and Touareg on the way, there isn’t much room for something like this. Which doesn’t look that small.

What do you think?
What is this??

Who are you people???

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  1. That's the 5 seat version of the Atlas. VW has confirmed it is being produced next year. Will probably be called the Atlas sport.

  2. I'd say either Atlas "Coupe" (going against say a Ford Edge) or the upcoming Seat version of the Tiguan Allspace, though I lean towards the first.

    Camouflaging cars to look like another brand is a typical VAG thing…

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