New Alfa Romeo mid sized sedan coming up?

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These are just illustrations of what the elusive “future mid size sedan” from Alfa Romeo could look like.
It seems they have been working on a  new larger sedan for a while.

They have already said that 2 more SUVs are coming up. One bellow and one above the new Selvio.
A large sedan. And something called a “specialty vehicle”. Which could be a new coupe/convertible.

We”ll see…

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  1. It would make sense for them to release an Alfa based on the Ghibli platform.
    The problem with the Ghibli, other than not being an SUV, is that it looks sort of like an Infiniti, or maybe it's that new Hyundai premium brand…

    In other words, it's too damn plane for the money.
    Give it an Alfa grille and shave twenty grand off the asking and it becomes a lot more compelling.

  2. The Ghibli should have been the midsized Alfa, or the Giulia should have been the entry-level Maserati. Same for the Levante and Stelvio. In fact, any further model proliferation between the two brands will likely only overlap and cannibalize sales from each other! A smaller Alfa SUV (X1/GLA competitor) and larger Maserati SUV (Range Rover/Bentayga competitor) would seem to be the logical next model introductions, as would an entry-level Alfa sedan or hatchback.

  3. Surprised that Alfa can not find a suitable mount for a US style license plate – the Euro plate in the photo does the car no favors either. You should see the front plates here in New York – really can be a deal breaker or force the owner to go without it and be almost certainly subject to an expensive ticket.

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