Twingo nail polish/scratch remover from Renault

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No, I do not use color on my nails. But I still think this is a pretty clever idea…

Something fun that perfectly fits the Twingo.

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  1. I used that trick on my old 10-speed, back in the day. Didn't even think of using it on my nails too…

  2. Admit it Vince, you paint your toe nails just like the rest of us guys. Haha.

    Hey, looks like VW is not going to bring the new Polo to the USA now. Major league screw-up on their parts.

  3. About the nail paint… I have to admit…

    About the Polo, I agree. yes. Major screw up for a company with a history of bad decisions. Especially about the US market.
    Ford can sell the Fiesta here. . GM sells a few models bellow the Cruise.
    Seems like almost even one can do it, except VW.

    Idiots running the show….

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