2018 Buick GL6

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Th regular sized GL8 minivan has been a hit for Buick for years.
In China.

So of course, why not offer a smaller one called GL6.

It doesn’t look like any Opel model. Although it is logical to think it is based on the Zafira.
But it doesn’t look at all like the Opel version.

So really, who knows….

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  1. I highly doubt there's any connection to the Zafira. This has surely been designed by PATAC, i.e. the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, which is a joint venture between General Motors and SAIC Motor based in Shanghai, and it's where the GL8 comes from as well. The cars they do there are for the Asian market exclusively and therefore they are independent designs from GM's other products. And of course Opel is not even a part of the GM group any more.

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