2018 Hyundai i30 Fastback trunk

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Just a couple I haven’t seen before.
Especially the one showing the hatch open.

That’s all….

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  1. Ok.

    Car reviews by Carwow and Carbuyer on YouTube have given me an appreciation for how Europeans view utility when it comes to the boot. And the one thing that really bothers me is the high liftover the bumper. I wonder if there is any clever underfloor storage or if the floor moves up to make a flatter floor.

  2. Hyundai needs to bring this stateside, period! It definitely has more personality and utility than the rather conservative Elantra sedan. I even like it better than the upcoming new gen Elantra GT (aka "i30").

  3. As long as cars are going to have that sloping roofline they might as well be hatchbacks,
    so much more practical than a trunk opening.

  4. I say don't waste time and money developing a next gen Veloster and simply send over this awesome looking ride. Who needs the Veloster and its awkward door configuration when you have this cool vehicle waiting in the wings?

  5. I will say that top 3/4 view looks much better than any studio shot of the car – and that has become a frequent thing. Makes you wonder why car makers seem to employ the least talented photographers in the world, when any random person with an iPhone can take a better pic of the car at any press event….

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