2018 Nissan Leaf teaser

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Showing a little more this time.

Looking quite good. And more aggressive.
With all LED lights, this looks to be a top of the line model. (Some prototypes have been seen with regular headlights)

Thanks to one of my readers, Hector,  for this one!

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  1. The concept looks good, almost too good to be true. I hope the new one is not a cross of the concept and the current, which looks like an egg.

  2. Here's the way it is with the Nissan motor Corp. they teasers are 100% accurate and faithful to the final product

  3. Yes the front end looks good and is consistent with the spy photos shown months ago. However, the rest of the vehicle from those spy photos seems to be an evolution of the current model and that's not a good thing if true. Cool nose but basically the same weird/boring body. Let's hope I am wrong.

  4. I think you might be right…
    But, I have a few friends who own Leafs, and they don't really care about how sleek it could be. They actually all seem to like the way it looks.
    I think Nissan knows that and will try to play it safe and appeal to these people with a longer range.

  5. Tesla is the only manufacturer that took design to another level regardless of power source. Nissan built, for God sakes, the Maxima with its weird looking shape. Why would it care to play it safe? The answer is simple: Cost of design and dollars to the bottom line.

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