2018/19 Ford Focus

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This is just an illustration. Not the real thing.

But it does match many of the spy shots we have seen for months now, of the next Ford Focus.
As previously reported, the one sold in the US will be built exclusively in China.

That same platform will also be used for the next Escape as well as an all new EV model.

And still not word on the US getting the new Fiesta or not…..

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  1. It really looks like an "off-brand sneaker" version of the Golf from that angle. Imagine the shame when you show-up at school in one of those! All the other kids will make fun of you.

  2. Don't mind the looks. Don't even mind the Chinese sourcing given the shrinkage in compact car sales. More small SUV capacity in the US. Now make a decent, modern one.

    It does look like an updated Opel/Saturn Astra from a decade ago.

  3. This will probably be a 2020 model as I think they are skipping the 2019 model year as they prepare for China and will be retooling the current plant for the Ranger and Bronco.

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