Mystery SUV: What is it???

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This was caught a few hours ago in California.

And I am really not sure what it is.
All I can say is that it is pretty big in person. So this is not a compact SUV.

My guess are:

-Next Acura MDX
-Cadillac XT5
-Next Nissan Pathfinder

What do you think?

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  1. Look at the details, Vince. This is clearly not consistent with spyshots of the XT5. Meanwhile the grille and headlights suggest similarities to other Acuras. This is most likely the RDX.

  2. Just looked up some RDX spy shots. While there are similarities, the wheels are different. But especially, the rear lights are higher on this one.
    Plus, in real life, this thing is big. Quite a bit larger than an RDX. (. Unless the next one is much larger?)

    Also, all spy shots of the RDX now show the grille, while this one is still covered

  3. Vince, you don't think that there can be multiple versions testing…WITH DIFFERENT WHEELS? Same goes for the amount of camo. The previous shots of the RDX were mules with CR-V panels, including the rear end and lights. This is likely the production body. Further, shots of a vehicle like this with no other vehicles around makes it extremely difficult to determine actual size.

  4. Also if you look closely at the grille detailing behind the camo (to the right of the badge), you can tell it's Acura's grille design.

  5. I'm inclined to think it's the next Pathfinder. That roofline (rounded up front, flattened after the B-pillar) is a dead giveaway.

  6. Came here to point out the Ohio Plates but Eric Haley beat me to it.

    It's almost certainly the RDX. The MDX won't be all new for a little while longer. The RDX is due for a MY2019 full model change.

  7. I saw this while driving in Las Vegas yesterday and my sister and I were thinking either Toyota or possibly Chevy but not sure

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