2018 Acura RLX. (WHY???)

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The horror….
I mean really, just stare at that front end for a minute.
What is going on at Acura????

No one actually realizes Acura has this large sedan called the RLX for sale anymore. No one.
That thing needs to either die, or be completely redesigned.
Crafting a horrible grille on the old design will not help.

This is a completely confused company.

The sad part is that the RLX is probably a really nice driving car. This is a total waste.
The only funny thing is this is the price. The current model starts at around $55 000!

If you must have an RLX, (and why not) just get a nice used one. Head over HERE and you can get a 3 year old one from $20 000 to $25000

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  1. Just when you thought Acura couldn't make an uglier grill, they accept the Challenge and WIN. This new grill is boring, cheap looking, and doesn't match the style of the cars it is being grafted onto. Terrible.

    Vince, I assume you'd take even a Lincoln Continental over this, right?

  2. True, I would pick a Continental. Even with all that cheap/vulgar chrome inside… Which is sad.

    And yes I should try to drive one. Although I already know it is a nice driving car.
    And I don't think "the ugly" goes away when you actually see it in the flesh…

  3. Just cannot how Acura keep missing the target on design! They been doing the same basic design for 15 years and now the front grill lookes even worse if you can believe it! Just ridiculous how Acura design language is getting!

  4. Boys and girls, cars of the size of the RLX are becoming redundant, as crossovers take over and mid size sedans have grown so big that they satisfy the needs of most drivers. The RLX is a very capable and reliable car lost in anonymous design and brand recognition. And don't forget that when you start breaching $60k territory visions of greatness and badge seeking becomes a lot more important to the new rich. So, $60 plus price, anonymous design, and no badge recognition are a recipe for failure. Ask Cadillac why they are cutting back or eliminating their sedans.

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