BMW 1 series sedan coming to the US after all….

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Of course it is.
After years of BMW suits telling us “no way”, “never”, “only for China” etc…

All these statements were just BS. Just like when Audi said the same thing about their Q3 years ago.
It was “never” going to be sold in the US.

There was no way BMW could resist selling us an overpriced small sedan made in China.

So now there is a news report stating it would come here in 2019. After the new 3 series. Which of course would be larger and more expensive (yes, that is possible) to make room for the 1 series.
So basically, this new FWD model will end up being almost the same price as the current 3 series.
We’re not really gaining a cheaper BMW…

It will compete here with the new A Class sedan from Mercedes, and a redesigned A3 from Audi.
And since the 1 series sedan is already being produced in China, I don’t see why they would go through the expense and trouble of setting up factories anywhere else. So it will probably come from there.

I think the Ford announcement about the next US Focus coming exclusively from China was the opening all other manufacturers were waiting for.

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  1. A Volvo and Nissan Sentra mated. Why oh why do people buy such small cars at an exorbitant price. My loaded Accord has twice the room and is just as stylish and dependable.

  2. That's cute. I'm sure the front seats were pushed all the way up before taking that rear seat picture!

  3. Automakers will be flooding the U.S. with Chinese made cars before we know it. The Buick Envision and Volvo S90 are just the beginning.

  4. The moment BMW started switching the X1 to FWD, it became a mainstream brand. Without RWD what would the "enthusiasts" do? Even a Honda Accord becomes comparable(ok…I get it the leather is not as good.) I have read so many clownish reviews of the Acura that it will NEVER be a luxury brand, let alone comparable to the "Germans", unless it switches to RWD. Hmmm…right.

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