20 new GM EVs coming by 2023

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GM has indeed announced they will come out with at least 20 new EV models by the year 2023.
Which is quite amazing.
This is all within 5 years.

The first 2 will be based on the Bolt technology. Which makes sense.
(Both of these will be out within the next year and a half. )
With its amazing range, I would be surprised if GM didn’t want to use that technology for other models.
Like a small SUV or something.

The new cars will be a mix of regular EVs and Hydrogen Fuel Cell models.
You can read all about GM’s announcement over HERE.

But to me, the coolest part is the official picture released.
Showing many of these all new models under sheets.
Quite an amazing guessing game. Lots of them look like SUVs, of course. But also wagon!
There is even one that looks like a sport coupe (Next Camaro EV???)

You can click on the picture above to enlarge it.
So feel free to guess and let me know what you think is under these sheets!

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  1. I'm surprised not to see Bolts all over the place. I know GM had just introduced this model nation wide, but still should have seen at least 3. I know that NYC has 6 off them right of Exit 3 on the FDR but none seem to be used. Is it the form factor that turns off people or simply not an SUV that isn't making it popular? I would buy one personally if I lived in Florida where snow isn't met.

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