2018/19 Mercedes A-Class

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The orange car is the next version of the A-Class hatchback.
Sure, it’s “all new”. But it does look really, really close to the current model (green car)
I mean it’s almost shocking how similar they are.
It looks more like a facelift with the newer Mercedes corporate front end/grille design than an all new car.

That’s really too bad.

We won’t be getting this here anyway (also too bad)
What we are getting is the A-Class sedan. You can see a little bit of it on the top picture.
It is right behind the hatchback.

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  1. I have to disagree, VInce. The upcomming A – class is surely not a beauty & it is a a very evelutionary approach, MB is going for. Yet the sheet metal is new (front, side and rear), as well as front and rear lights. Enough to keep the MB fans happy.

    Since the current generation was such a major departure from the previous model, I am glad they went for an evelutionary design approach. The typical Mercedes-Benz facelift is usually so minimal that only MB fans can spot the differences.

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