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I did post a few things on the new S01 EV a few days ago HERE. (including this official teaser for the car)
But now, we have more…

Here are some of the patent drawings for the real thing.
Patent drawings tend to be flat and quite ugly (and very grey…)
So the real thing always looks better.

I really like the official teaser, and I still think this new S01 has potential to look quite good.

It has been a while since we have seen a 2 seater EV. I guess the last one was Honda’s first generation Insight.
This also reminds me of the CR-Z. (Which could have been great…)

Let’s hope the real thing looks more like the cool teaser. And that maybe, it’ll somehow make it outside of China…

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  1. The proportions of the real deal look very 1990ies economy car like. small wheels, lot of overhang, straight and slab sided. Like some Korean car form the long gone by era before they got good and sharp looking. Not the best looking car, tbh…

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