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It sure is nice too see how great the assembly line is working.
Knowing that in reality, Tesla is having a lot of trouble actually producing the car.

Which was expected by everyone really. The crazy high numbers they claimed earlier were always BS. As there is really no way they can produce as many cars as they claimed just a few months ago:
“production of the Model 3 will ramp up to 5000 a week at some point in 2017. And 10 000 per week at some point in 2018”
Which has always been impossible. Since it would mean over 500 000 Model 3 a year!
More than any car currently sold in the US.

They are now saying the “5000 per week” number will happen in March 2018.
We’ll see… (So far only a few hundred cars have been produced)

Meanwhile, here is a cool new (At least I haven’t seen it before) video of the Model 3.

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  1. Vince,

    They are building 100,000 S's and X's per year; I wouldn't bet against them making twice as many simpler, easier-to-build Model 3's.
    You don't want to be added to the list of auto writers who claim Tesla can't possibly do something, and then Tesla does it a few months later.

  2. This is not about the Model S or X. But about the new Model 3.

    Everyone knows they can produce these older models.
    But claiming there will be a demand for about 400 000 Model 3 per year is pretty crazy. (Since they claim they will be producing a total of 500 000 a year by the end of next year)

    I never said they "can't possibly do something". But the truth is, so far, they cannot produce the Model 3.
    And they have to fill about 400 000 back orders until they can build cars for new orders…

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