2019 Cadillac XT3

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 Now we can see the grille design a little bit better on these new prototypes.
Looking more and more like the Escala concept.
(The revised CT6 sedan will be the first model to get an Escala inspired front end)

This should be quite popular for Cadillac. And probably will become their best seller.
It will join the new $35 200 Volvo XC40 and $40 000 Jaguar E-Pace.
But also more established players like the $33 000 Mercedes GLA, $32 000 Audi Q3 and $34 000 BMW X1.

 Cadillac should put its ego aside and underprice everyone. (I know that’s basically impossible for “huge Ego” Johan De Nysschen” to do…)
I think $29 900 would be the right price for this.

No matter what De Nysschen thinks, Cadillac is not even close to be in the same level as Mercedes, BMW and the others in buyers’s minds. it just doesn’t matter how good their cars really are.
Forcing super high prices has not really worked for them…

As a reminder, here is the gorgeous Escala concept.

Head over HERE for all pictures of the XT3 Prototype

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  1. Cadillac's problem on pricing this new crossover is that the Buick Envision STARTS at $35k for the FWD base 4 cylinder, which is crazy compared to the competition you mentioned.

  2. The Envision is a bit larger. They position it against the Q5 or GLK. But then again, this is also what the XT5 is doing….

    GM always had a problem with Buick competing with Cadillac. They need to make their personalities more distinct.
    Weird that no one has ever been able to figure it out.

  3. Until Cadillac builds something that resembles the concepts they tease, no one is going to walk into Cadillac showrooms. Then, for those who do walk into Cadillac showrooms, they'll be completely disgusted with the trashy Nascar posters hanging on the walls and GMC dump trucks parked alongside the CTS-V. Because of dealer mafia groups, Cadillac showrooms will never resemble the beautiful Cadillac House showroom concept in Manhattan. Cadillac is so far from being a legitimate luxury brand, I don't believe that it's fixable. If there's one single thing that will ensure Tesla's success and ability to maneuver quickly to consumer demands, it's their direct-to-consumer dealer network that they've fought for.

  4. Hopefully, it will be better looking than its Chevrolet and GMC platform mates (the current Equinox and Terrain are quite hideous).

  5. Finally a (really) new car from Cadillac since more than two entire years. How was this pause even possible? (What other carmaker does something like that?)

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